Renewing my Design Wall – Product Decisions

Okay, so I read Sew Katie Did’s post on her design wall and decided to update mine. Mine is a sad, but very, very useable (and cheap) tacked on wall. I think I paid $10 for the plastic tablecloth at Walmart, then tacked it with the plastic to the wall and flannel outward. Done!

It has served me well, but is now full of threads and I want something I can stick pins into when I want to test other fabric. The only thing I have really missed is the ability to put fabric on top of fabric to test ideas. Otherwise a plastic tablecloth really, really works.


So…I headed to our local home improvement store to look at the insulation board. It is HUGE! 4′ x 8 ‘. That is NOT going to fit in my car, and I don’t own a truck! Hmmm…decided to come home and measure my wall first. If need be, I can cut the board before I load it in the car.

So, now I am online searching for insulation board. Turns out that it burns quickly and the fumes will kill you. Do I really want to use foam board? Back to Google.

Well, after reading some SAQA design board comments and contractor forums, I have decided that Armstrong Fireguard Acoustic Tile might be the way to go. We had a bad fire two years ago at my parents’ house, so I am more careful than I used to be about flammable products.

Next installment…selection and creation of my design wall.

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