Expeditions and Vertigo

Things have been a little wild around the house lately. Since December 2015, I have been fighting vertigo. Some days are good; others not so good. I finally worked up the courage to get the Epley Maneuver and three days out, I am definitely feeling better. Plan to sew some this weekend.

My husband, Dolph,–Fred on the team roster– has headed out on a Dxpedition to Heard Island, a remote sub-Antarctic island in the Southern Ocean. He is on the scientific team, but most of the funding for the expedition came from the Ham Radio clubs around the world. My husband has a ham license, but will also be collecting rock samples for a doctoral student in Australia and other such things. The team left Cape Town yesterday on the Braveheart (ship)–the expedition ship. In about 10 days, I should hear about Heard Island from Dolph. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about the voyage and the island.

I’ve also been on a quilting retreat with my guild, theĀ Music City Modern Quilt Guild, to Paris Landing State Park. We had a blast. I feel that way even though everyone finished a whole lot more than I did. My completions = 0. It was great fun seeing everyone’s projects come together. I learned a lot about what I should do before the next guild retreat. I’ll post on that later too.

That’s it for today. Have to get to work now. If my vertigo is really “cured,” then I am going to work on posting regularly!