I am quickly losing my mind. My final day at work for two months is tomorrow.

So why am I insane? Let me count the ways:

  1. I have no speeds but full throttle and bored senseless.
  2. Bored senseless = nothing gets done but tv watching or reading. I was bored senseless for awhile this semester because the new course management system (Brightspace) wasn’t ready to build courses on. That also means limited quilting. See “nothing gets done.”
  3. I have four courses to set-up by 5 p.m. tomorrow. The Brightspace designers were clearly on crack when they designed it.
  4. I don’t do crack, so I have trouble understanding how the system is designed.
  5. My final day of work for two months is tomorrow and I STILL have student reports to write! See #4 above.
  6. I don’t get paid when I am on leave. I have one hell of a lot to do in less than 24 hours or I’m working free!
  7. I want to buy fabric! See #6.
  8. I want to retire in 2 years. See #7. Numbers 7 and 8 don’t quite mesh!
  9. I have seven cats–two with special needs. Crazy cat lady…I know, I know. It embarrasses me too, but they show up on our porch looking for a home.
  10. Exception to #9. We (my husband and I) brought a mother and a kitten back from Greece. Crazy cat lady x 2.
  11. My house needs cleaning. It is driving me crazy. I am trying to pretend I don’t have floors, so I don’t see the cat fur and dust bunnies. Waiting until May 1 to clean. Probably a mistake.
  12. Thank the gods, Latifah Saafir is coming to our guild May 12th and 13th–I am looking forward to that joyous occasion!
  13. I am president of our quilting guild. There is more organization to setting up speakers than I thought. We still need 3 more people to sign up! Please join us!
  14. I want to go to Paducah to Quilt Week this Saturday. See #6 and 7.
  15. I am thinking about getting a tax number and setting up an Etsy shop. See # 1 & 2.
  16. I am looking for a new house on the west side of Nashville. Need more quilting room. 🙂

and finally, not even worth a number – I dyed part of my hair blue and now my fingernails are blue too from when I push my hair out of my eyes. Fuschia was MUCH better!

April 28th addition:

Two cats with conjunctivitis. Off to the vet tomorrow. Oh joy! No Paducah for me.

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