Craft Fair 2018

I completed my first craft fair of 2018 last Saturday. Beautiful, but hot, weather for the show. Nice location. I sold enough to make back my booth fee, plus a little extra. I am still working through pricing and what will sell at craft fairs. If you look online, you see multiple formulas: 1. cost of materials x 3, 2. cost of materials + your hourly time, 3. Formula 1 + Formula 2 divided by 2. See this Craftsy article for more information.

All of that said, I will be doing this again. Honing my craft fair skills just to see where this goes. I enjoy talking to the people who walk by – makes the day go by quickly.

Below are some of the items that I was selling on Saturday. I am also learning how to take better photos.

Baby quilt, reusable lunch bags, snap pouches, and coasters.
Cat/Dog pads and a laptop case
Flannel Baby Quilt